Saas Project Management refers to the delivery of project management software on demand, in a cloud computing environment. Saas is a very appropriate model for the delivery of project management software, since virtually every type of business needs the ability to effectively manage projects. Saas Project Management applications provide a comprehensive tool set for managing projects from start to finish; including (but not limited to): bug tracking and ticketing, change management, online chat and virtual meeting rooms, contact management tools, cost and budget tracking, dashboards and custom reporting, custom templates, document sharing & collaboration tools, invoicing, online expense tracking functionality, online timesheets, project scheduling, resource management, task management and workflow management capabilities.


Saas Project Management is a popular alternative to on-premise project management tools, which present their own set of challenges for remote clients. Saas Project Management applications virtually eliminate all barriers to team collaboration, since project team members can contribute to a project from anywhere on globe (provided that Internet access is available). Saas Project Management tools also provide project team members with real time access to a centralized repository of project assets and information, avoiding the synchronization issues that frequently plague on-premise project management software installations.

Saas Project Management tools also provide a great cost advantage over traditional on-premise project management applications. Running project management applications in the cloud helps Saas vendors distribute development and maintenance costs for their Saas offerings over time, allowing them to deliver their services to clients at affordable prices. In addition, Saas Project Management clients never have to worry about the cost of software maintenance or upgrades, since this is handled by the Saas vendor. Saas project management tools are especially attractive to start-ups and small businesses, who often find that on-premise project management software solutions are cost prohibitive.

Saas Project Management tools provide other additional advantages over on-premise project management installations. To start with, Saas Project Management tools are easy for everyone to use and require very little training, since anyone who is comfortable using the Internet will have little trouble adapting to a Saas Project Management application. High scalability is another advantage of Saas Project Management software, as clients can seamlessly expand the capabilities of their chosen cloud based project management tool, by upgrading their subscription level on demand or by buying additional services from their cloud computing services provider.

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